There I said it.

I love using Uber, primarily due to the fact that there is no tipping involved. Before UberX was introduced, I used to take the Uber black (which was the only option back in the day) which was far, far more expensive than a taxi. No tipping means I don’t judge the driver’s motives when he does a great job. It means I am not supposed to prove how rich/poor I am at the end of every trip by being placed with a ‘fill as much as you can’ row at the bottom of the cheque.

Domino’s charges a delivery fee every time you order from them. Thats fine with me. Its mentioned before I make the order and I understand there are extra costs involved with delivering the pizza to me. However, then why put an extra 'tip’ row when the driver presents me with the bill?

Here is an example of a restaurant that abolished tipping and benefited greatly from it.

Tipping is a fucked up system for all parties involved.

Every time my barber/cab driver/etc is extra nice to me or does a good job, it makes me think 'is he doing this just for the extra tip’. It devalues my experience and it devalues his efforts.

If you have extra costs involved with delivering a service, charge for it. Don’t use 'tipping’ as a guilt trip driven method to make me pay for it.

I will end this post with this clip from Reservoir Dogs: