Imagine if instead of iPhone X, Apple released an updated iPhone 5c. That wouldn't be very exiciting would it? Nor would it bode well for the future of smartphones in general.

That is the directon Oculus seems to be heading. Instead of releasing a more powerful Oculus Rift, they seem to be obssessed with lower powered, mobile experiences like Oculus Go.

Moving in that direction assumes:

1 . Mobiliy is a major issue inside VR.

Not really. The current Oculus Rift, once setup, has only 1 cable running from the headset to the PC. The Touch controllers are already wireless. That single cable is inconsequential. You cannot really move physically inside VR. You will bump into your room's walls. However, Oculus' efforts seem entirely focused on just getting rid of that single cable.

2 . The specs of Oculus Rift are already high enough to allow for mainstream adoption given lower price and no cables.

Not at all. There are sooo many other areas to improve that will have much more impact. For example: Modifying headset design to allow easily wearing glasses. PSVR nails this. Higher resolution optics. Better refresh rate. Better field of view. Better tracking. Not just 360 tracking but better accuracy overall.

The current Oculus Rift was designed with the nVidia 980 card in mind. We are on the tail end of nVidia 1080 generation now, but no Oculus device to fully utilize it.


The focus on mobile and low end is killing VR. The current high end Oculus is not good enough. Not for users viewing it or for creators to create great content. Focusing on low end only shows people the worst of VR and turns them away from it.

It is also killing all excitement from VR. Couple years ago, I would be excited for the Oculus Connect conference to see what major leap Oculus has achieved for VR. Now it all seems to focus on getting mobile VR close to the Rift, which itself feels old.