If you use Angular for any serious web application, you know that angular is basically unusable without a 3rd party router lib. And for a while, that gap has been filled by the UI-Router project.

While the project has always been full of bugs, it is still very popular due to the necessity of having a real router. However, it seems now that the project is basically dead. The last real update was done on June 5. Since then there have been some minor updates to documentation but no real code changes. This is after the issue tracker is full of pull requests from people desperately trying to get the bugs fixed.

I can tell from experience at DripStat, that putting in all the various workarounds to deal with UI-Router is a complete pain in the ass. And at this point, no matter what the size of your project, if you use UI-Router, you will run into and end up creating workarounds for its bugs.

This leaves Angular in a weird place. Without a solid router, it is close to impossible to create real world apps. Angular’s current router is more of a joke, and Angular 2.0 with an actual robust router won’t be out till next year. All roads seem to point to EmberJs