Having tried all 3 VR systems for a good period of time, I can say that each one has atleast one big flaw at the moment.

1. Oculus Rift

As of writing this, Oculus is the only system on the market that doesn't have hand tracking. Who would have thought the VR pioneer would end up having the most backward system.

Can't wear glasses with headset, which is a huge issue.

Price is too high since it requires you buying a whole new PC.

Content is barebones, especially considering how long the product has been available and teased.

2. Vive

Perfect tracking. Terrible headset.

Headset puts all the weight on front on your face. You won't even want to look down due to all that weight. No integrated headphones, means another peripheral and set of cables you have to manage. Cant wear glasses with headset.

Price, like Oculus, is too high.

Content is still mostly indie 'tech demos'.

3. PlayStation VR

PS VR nails everything else - comfortable headset, low price, great content, easy to use, can be easily used with glasses on.

However, tracking is a complete mess. The decision to use the Wii era tracking for VR is the system's Achilles Heel. It might even result in turning away more people from VR than it brings in.

The issue of content

Fact is, no matter the headset, after about 1 week you will run out of content. Yes, a 2 hour 'experience' may drop once every 3 months, but that doesn't justify the price of current VR systems.


In the current generation of VR, each system has at least one big fatal flaw. And all have the issue of simply not enough content being present.

This is not the year of VR.