Even the iPhone has a 64 bit OS now.

Some mainstream operating systems that have gone 64 bit only:

  • OS X
  • Windows Server

Linux arguably still has a 32 bit version, but I bet most servers (which is where Linux is primarily used) use a 64 bit version.

MongoDB, the popular NoSQL database, is pretty much 64 bit only. They do offer a 32 bit version, but its use at your own caution.

So why, why in 2013 are we still stuck with 32 bit and all the hassles of checking for 32 or 64 bit versions of programs?


Windows is the last barrier to driving 32 bit into oblivion. Even though most laptops sold come with 64 bit Windows, Microsoft continues to offer both 64 bit and 32 bit versions of Windows 8. A Windows version that is 64 bit only would complete the transition of our industry into the 64 bit age.

32 bit wants to be obsolete, but Windows is holding it back.